Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas at Home

Our first Christmas in our first home...


The family conspired to get Nana and Pa a Kindle for Christmas. It was a hit...especially with all of the tech geeks, ahem, I mean with all of the men.

The cutest nephew ever. My apologies to all other babies you may know. Oliver is the cutest.

Can anyone guess what I got for Christmas??? Here is a hint: It can't be seen in any of these photos, but everyone can see through it....Leave a comment. Maybe the winner will get a prize!

And here is our holiday card this year. (We have only passed these out by hand...mailed cards should be coming soon. Don't get mad!)

I feel so incredibly blessed.


  1. Correct! I'll bring you a prize. What prize, you ask? You'll have to wait and see.