Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Create something beautiful

I stood before this installation in New Orleans stunned. People from all over this neighborhood and all over the world have come to fill in this sentence. "Before I die I want to..." And then they wash the chalk off the wall and it gets filled up again and again.

I stood there stunned. I couldn't put words to my own dreams.

And then it came. Before I die I want to CREATE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL. I think that is my deepest desire.

And yet. Yet. Yet. I struggle.

I spend hours consuming. Pinterest. Shopping. Reading. Watching. Absorbing. Escaping. Anything but creating. Why do I do this???

I don't know what the beautiful thing is yet. Maybe it is this space, my offering to the community of creators and writers and thinkers. Or maybe it is one of the many little seedlings of ideas that sprout in me and haven't yet been birthed into reality. I keep dreaming of my little ambition to make pillows. Maybe like these, but somehow different and my own.

Or maybe my beautiful creation is something even yet to come. I hear a little voice that says my beautiful something is a life well lived. Or a marriage nurtured over time. Or every day in my classroom. The moments and conversations and prayers and rites of passage that I journey with my students. Or a baby and a family that one day might be.

Is that it?...Yes! And...I still think there is MORE. The something beautiful that I create hasn't sprouted yet. Or hasn't found me yet. But I wait and I yearn. It's in me yet.

(Credits: Artist of the "Before I Die" project is Candy Chang. Pillows made by The Print Society and sold at Follow, in Sydney, Australia.)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hello Again & Pics of 2012

After a little 12 month break, I am back. Hello, internet!

I read a little piece on choosing a one-word theme for the year and was inspired to do the same. After tumbling a bunch of words around in my mind (create, grace, hope???), the one that stuck is...


I love that it is a verb that demands some attention on my part. It's not about perfection. It's not necessarily about artistic endeavors. It's about ideas and action. The rest of the word's significance I hope will unfold over the course of the year.

The first endeavor of MAKE 2013, is to share a bit of a picture review of 2012. These pics represent some of the best photos and memories of the year.

Here's to 2012. Onward.

Ahhh, friendship. Kellen's birthday. Was that a dark chocolate, salted caramel cake???  

Our 3rd anniversary in Feburary. In a crazy snowstorm. At the Melting Pot. (Thanks, TK!) 

Just the best. This little dog has totally made a home in my heart. 

 Most EPIC day ever...and this is the only real photo I have. Twenty-seven inches of fresh powder (yes, I said 27!!!) in Steamboat Springs. Snowboarding heaven.

 Two beauties. Es, Ellen, Kellen, and Matt make March birthday month!

A neighborhood parade to honor Sam, our local boy home from deployment.

 Beer and crawfish in New Orleans. First time food for me. Just a little bit scary!

 Matt and Judah making each other laugh. 

 The year of the photo booth. At Sev's first birthday.

 Good morning, Pepper!

 A bowling alley, sparklers, and 100's of photos later, my senior videos were done. Thanks to my long-enduring photographer, Matt.

Congrats, Wes! You did it! 

 Senior video detail.

 Oh, the class of 2012! The best. I already miss these ones.

The honest one, our pastor Steve. 

To be continued...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

NYE...Photo Bombed!

Here are my lovelies from the New Year's Eve party at E & J's house. (I am on the far right.) As you can see we had a bit of trouble getting focused -- both in terms of our own ability to focus as well as the camera's!

And then this happened. For about 6 shots. And the funniest part? We had no idea!

Despite my critique of NYE in general, I had a most excellent time dancing out 2011 and dancing in 2012.
Happy New Year!

Sparkly Eyelids

Hi, y'all! I went to the mall today to collect my prize for keeping to my eating/workout goals this week. You might call it bribery. I call it prizes!

I treated myself to some new make-up from the big mama of make-up brands, MAC. While there, one of the lovely make-up artists, Beca, gave my eyes a new look. Check it out:

She used: Bone Study Paint Pot, Soft Brown (shadow), In the Sun (mineral shadow), Embark (shadow), Teddy (shadow), plus a very black mascara and a coppery brown eye liner.

I love how the make-up artists can use so many different colors...and it doesn't look like a giant muddy mess. I don't think that I have that skill! And I don't have that kind of prize budget. It was just a week one prize, after all! So, I only purchased the paint pot and one of the shadows. Maybe some of the other shades will be prizes in the weeks to come!

Oh, and I couldn't help but stop at pretty much every mirror in the mall and stare at my sparkly eyelids!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Imaginary New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve has the promise of romance and sparkle and new beginnings. And yet the night usually seems to go out with a whimper. So, this year I am planning a glowing, imaginary dinner party. Here it is...

A dinner party with friends. Lots of candles in collected jars and mason jars. As usual, Matt will do the cooking. I will set the table.

I will mix up my very first invented drink: The Rosemary White Wine Cocktail! (See below for the REAL recipe.)
(FYI: This pic only represents my delicious concoction. This image is of a pear rosemary drink found here.)

Wearing this flapper inspired outfit, starting with shift dress with car wash hem, via Anthropologie.

Sparkly flats, via Kate Spade.

But then I realized that it's an imaginary party, so I don't have the compulsion (usually felt in my scremaing arches) to stick with flats. So just maybe I'll spring for these heels. Also by the spunky Ms. Spade. They remind me of confetti. Perfect for NYE.


 A sparkly headpiece, meant for weddings. But I couldn't resist. It's handmade and gorgeous. And Oh-so-flapper! Don't you think? It is from the Dolores Petunia shop on Etsy.

 And at midnight, we will relaease dozens of these paper laterns, wishing the in the New Year.

Via pinterest via this tumblr.

And as I promised, the recipe. This is for the reals, not imaginary in the least!

The Rosemary White Wine Cocktail...

1 part Ginger Ale
1 part White Wine
Rosemary Simple Syrup, to taste (see below)
Garnish with a sprig of rosemary

Rosemary Simple Syrup

Boil 1 part water with several sprigs of rosemary for about 15 minutes
Strain out the rosemary reserving the water
Add 1 part sugar to the water
Boil until sugar dissolves
Let the syrup cool
Keep in a jar in the firdge

...Ta-Da! Happy Imaginary New Year's!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas at Home

Our first Christmas in our first home...


The family conspired to get Nana and Pa a Kindle for Christmas. It was a hit...especially with all of the tech geeks, ahem, I mean with all of the men.

The cutest nephew ever. My apologies to all other babies you may know. Oliver is the cutest.

Can anyone guess what I got for Christmas??? Here is a hint: It can't be seen in any of these photos, but everyone can see through it....Leave a comment. Maybe the winner will get a prize!

And here is our holiday card this year. (We have only passed these out by hand...mailed cards should be coming soon. Don't get mad!)

I feel so incredibly blessed.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The REAL rug...

So I dreamed of this rug, but we ended up getting this one from West Elm:

I adore this rug for many reasons:

1. It fits my original inspiration, but it is definitely doing its own thing. It has way more texture and personality than a flat woven rug.

2. It is super soft. It may look scratchy, but underfoot it is a dream.

3. It was way more affordable than my dream rug from before.

4. And it is ours. Do you know what I mean? I was inspired to do some sort of chevron rug (even before I saw chevron rugs (like this) for sale and DIY rugs (like this) pop up all over the place. And when I found one that we loved, we brought it home. Now it's hard to imagine anything else that would be just right.

And then there was last week. My husband was out of town. I left to join some friends for a birthday celebration.
And this adorable little face...

(Yes, I put glasses on my dog and took a picture. It's funny.)
...POOPED on my chevron rug. Twice.

Oh, I still love little Pepper. But I was NOT happy about what she did to the rug. (And she had not had an accident in so, so long. Arg.)

So right at this moment the rug is drying out after a go with my friend Donna's steam cleaner.

Here's to hoping that we can all once again be adorable -- me, my rug, my pup -- and stain free!